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Max Somerset's special 6 key Prediction Chest


I do allot of special magic props for magicians al over the world and there is nothing
that is impossible.
This special Prediction Chest was just finished and shipped to Magician Max Somerset
It was made exactly to Max Somerset special specifications as he requested 6 keys for the chest for his own special routine.

The key's were made of Brass and Bronze to give them the natural old look as they
with time will turn in color by time and get that real old look.

All key were to have a different design, none two exact alike.
And there is a reason for that, it al goes with Magician Max Somerset's
special routine.

Chest was made in Old English walnut rubbed with paraffin oil.

Max is also the first to receive and use a special loading tool and a brass rings
that is used for the prediction, as the prediction is retrieved from the small brass box
it is wrapped with a beautiful polished brass ring. (not showed in the picture)

Every detail was taken in consideration, absolute perfection.

The chest will automatically open by it self when the key is turned.

A aluminum Case was provided for extra protection, all chests comes with a custom aluminum case.

To visit the Magic of Max Somerset click below.