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Copper Lime Chop Cup


The magician shows a cup and a ball. A game is played where the magician places the ball in the cup, shakes it around, places the cup upside down on the table and asks the spectator, “ where is the ball? Is it in my pocket or under the cup?” The spectator will respond, “It is in the cup”. And of course, since the game is being played with a magician the ball is not under the cup but in the magician’s pocket.  This game continues back and forth with the ball never being where the spectator expects it to be, until finally, a lemon or a lime is produced from under the cup. This effect is a lot of fun for both the magician and the spectators and I am sure it will be one of your favorite tricks.

The copper lime cup is a beautiful solid copper cup that feels great in your hand due to the shape of the foot. The cup has a long slender designed that fits perfectly to a lime or lemon. This special design allows a lime or a lemon to fit inside the cup (upright) and when the load rolls out onto the table (oblong) it gives the illusion that the load was too large to fit inside such a small cup.

The cup is hand spun in solid copper by Tim Star. The cup is polished to a high gloss finish and then clear coated. It has a limited production of only 50 cups. After they are gone they will not be made again. The cup can be easily recognized by the dress-up ring near the opening of the cup. The cup is 110mm (4 3/8”) high and has a 65mm (2.5") wide mouth opening.  Included is two 1" hand crocheted balls, carrying bag and instructions.

Price: $179

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