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Star Candles - One Candle Becomes Four


The Star Candles is the perfect magical effect. It is super clean due to you can show both sides of the candles and you separate the them as you do the routine. The candles are designed and handmade by Tim Star. They are 10cm (4") tall and made in all metal and made to last. The Star Candles are typically produced for the Right Hand but they are available in Left Handed styles upon request.

Comes with the instructions all in a carrying bag. The Multiplying Nested Candles are a perfect addition to these candles.

The magician shows a single burning candle, suddenly he has 2, then 3 and 4 burning candles.
Each time a candle is produced it is passed from hand-to-hand showing it from all angles.  The candles appear from nowhere. At the close of the routine, the magician removes them one by one, with the last candle changing to a silk.  You can produce these 4 candles and then produce a hand of Nested candles for a total of 8 burning candles for a glowing presentation.  A super beautiful crowd-pleasing effect!  Truly adds to the mystic of the magician.

Price: $ 159.50

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Here you can see the candle routine as it is a part of my show. I use the Star Candles and the Nested Candles togeather. Here Here I use a special holder where you can steel the candles from your body. These are also available.

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