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About Us


Tim Star is a name that has been associated with quality magic for over 30 years. First working with Harries Magic in Sweden and later Rings N' Things in the USA, so first quality is our number one priority. All of the products are hand made in our workshop, nothing is sent out to other vendors. We do the metal spinning, polishing, painting, welding, soldering, sewing, crocheting, packing and shipping. That way we can over see
the quality control of every item that goes out to the customer.

Creations By Star is a family run business. Our workshop is located in Sweden and we are very excited to offer our products to customers all over the world. We takes great pride in all of our products and strive to create the best quality available.

Tim Star has always designed and made all the props he used in his shows and is still creating specialty magic props for himself and other magicans.

Here are some of his beautiful creations. They are not for sale.

For more information about having your dream effect made contact us.





The Vanishing Candelabra
A beautiful large Brass Candelabra on a pedestal suddenly explodes and automatically all the candles lights up. The candelabra is covered with a cape, the candles can be seen through the cape, still burning.
The candelabra is then picked up with one hand and tossed up in the air, the candelabra is gone.
This original Tim Star effect was made 1985.


The Silk Sword
2 silks are magically produced, one at the time on the tip of a sword.
A beautiful handcrafted sword that can produce 2 large silks at anytime in the show. And from the silks a small parrot was produced. A beautiful original Tim Star effect. Made 1984.
Silk Gun
This real pirate gun
will vanish a large silk in a flash. Made 1981