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Card Levitator



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The magician shows deck of cards or borrows a deck and starts to spread the deck in front of him, but not on the table but in mid air, the spread is just getting wider and wider. The cards will levitate betwene the magicians hands and down to the table. The cards are gatherd together and the magician continues his performance with the same deck of cards. View the film clip.



With this special gimmic you can make an ordanary deck of card float in mid air.
Just take any deck and start to spread the deck in front of you in mid air. You can spread the deck up to 28¨ wide (aprox 70cm)
You can spread on the table and then slowley you just lift the entire deck up in the air. Super smoth action.
Made to last, super quality. Gimmic folds in half.
Comes with a Life Time guarantee on spring and thread.

Price: $ 99.00

Shipping US Canada $3.50

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