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Master Chop Cup
Push Thru 2
Wild Bill
Match Light
Change Bag Deluxe
Parasol Illusion
Copper Lime Cup
Star Chop Cup
Fire Bowl
Pocket Size Fire Bowl
Magic Wands
Star Candles
Multiplying Candles
Duck Pan
Star Pan FTD
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To order an item is easy.
Just send us an E-Mail and let us know what you would like to have.
Send your information, Name, Address and what Country you live in so we can calculate the shipping cost. We will try hard to find the best price on shipping.
And let us know how you would like to pay. We do take PayPal.

What is PayPal and how can you use it to pay on the Internet?
PayPal is the easiest way to pay on the internet, sign up is free, and there is no charge to use for payments. Just click on the icon for more information. Sign up and use it today.


We now are set up so we can accept Credit Card or Debit Card Payment. We accept MasterCard and Visa.

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Att göra en beställning är väldigt enkelt.
Skicka mej en E-Mail och tala om vad du vill ha.
Sänd mej din information Namn, Adress Telefon osv.
Tala om hur du vill betala.

Du kan betala med Bankgiro
Eller vi kan skicka postförskott, det betyder att du betalar när
du hämtar paketet på din post. 75kr tillkommer vid postförskott.
Du kan också betala med PayPal. Eller Swish.

Vi tar nu betalning med konto eller Kredit kort.

Maila en Fråga


Shipping of all products are made from Sweden as that's where we are located, We ship on Fridays.
Shipping from here is very reasonable and fast, cheaper and easier then you think.
Everything is shipped by Air Mail and is insured.
We will work with you and give you the best shipping rate possible.

Order From Other Palaces

You can also order some of our products from Harries Magic, to find out what is available just click on the icon below.

Du kan också beställa en del av våra produkter från Harries Magi.
Klicka på länken för att se vad som finns på lager.