Magic Products

Master Chop Cup
Push Thru 2
Wild Bill
Match Light
Change Bag Deluxe
Parasol Illusion
Copper Lime Cup
Star Chop Cup
Fire Bowl
Pocket Size Fire Bowl
Magic Wands
Star Candles
Multiplying Candles
Duck Pan
Star Pan FTD
Specialty Magic



About the Products


All Creations By Star products are handmade by Tim Star in a little workshop in Sweden. He personally creates each and every metal item produced by the company. 

A lot of work goes in to every item. All the metal products are made of virgin metals that have been hand cut and then they are handcrafted using the dying art of hand spinning on a spinning lathe. Today, metal spinning is computerized business, but our products are created the age-old way, using hand held tools and forming each piece of metal into a beautiful item.  

Each piece is then polished to a bright mirror finish in our polishing shop and then painted with a special clear coating. The painting process is a critical point in the production and here more attention is given than at any other time in the process.  Each item must be cleaned and inspected to insure it is the highest quality and there are no flaws. 

Our quality control is very important to us. Each effect is fitted to its counterpart and inspected throughout the process to meet quality standards unequaled by any other firm today. We guarantee that the products are exactly what we promise and that they will be in perfect working condition.

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