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Multiplying Nested Candles


The magician produces a burning candle and, produces for the audience in an unbelievable way, four burning candles between his fingers.  After this presentation the candles are vanished one by one, in a mysterious fashion.  A minimum of sleight-of-hand is all that is required. The performance can even be done with rolled up sleeves. The effect is done with only one hand.  With a little practice you can also use a second set for the other hand and double the display of the burning candles.   Available in left and right hand styles, or both.
These candles are perfect to use in combination with the Star Candles.

Here you can see the candle routine as it is a part of my show. I use the Star Candles and the Nested Candles togeather.
Here I use a special holder where you can steel the candles from your body. These are also available.

 Video Clipp

We are now offering the multiplying nested candles, after many requests.
These are the candles that Tim Star has used, together with the Star Candles, in his show for over 25 years. The quality of these candles, far exceed any previously manufactured. The candles are 10cm (4") tall and made of hard brass and are very sturdy in design, making them easily workable. The candles are made right here in Sweden by Tim Star.


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