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Match Light (Match Pull)


The magician reaches under his lapel or inside the jacket and pulls out a lit match any time during the show.
The Match Light works every time, that's why the professional magicians use it.

"As a professional entertainer you can only rely on the best. I have during the years tried several “sure fire” lit match producers but none of them met my high standards. Why settle for second best? Tim Star’s Match Light is truly sure fire and meets the criteria for a working magician. It is simply the best."
John Houdi



Match Light or Match pull as some calls them is a perfect way to produce a lit match any time during the show.
This all metal hinged clip is extremely well made. Can be attach any place. The surgical band can be adjusted for different pressures depending what kind of match you are using. Dependable, made to work every time. Only takes one second to load. Comes with everything you see in the picture. This is the best Match Light on the market.

Price: $ 20.00

SWKr 200:-

Shipping US, Canada $ 4.50

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