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Prediction Chest For Sale Ready to Go


Sorry but this chest is now sold and is living happily in Germany.  

It is not very often that I have a Prediction Chest ready to ship without having to sit on the waiting list.
But right now I do have one Chest finished and ready to go.
This Prediction Chest below is for sale to the first customer that will contact me.

The Chest came out absolutely perfect and comes with everything you see in the pictures, including the aluminum case and the new special loading gimmick.

The pictures is of the actual Chest that you will receive.

Contact me for Price and details. E-Mail Question

Every detail was taken in consideration, absolute perfection.

The key's were made of brass to give them the natural old look
as they with time, will turn darker.

Chest was made in Old English Walnut finished with paraffin oil.
All brass on the outside of the chest has been polished and lacquer
coated to preserve the beautiful gloss finish.

The chest will automatically open by itself when the key is turned.
There are no two chests exactly alike that I have ever made, they
are all different in some way.

An aluminum case is provided for extra protection, all chests comes
with an aluminum case.