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Parasol Illusion




This Coca Cola pattern parasol is made of heavy duty material.
And comes with a special blendo bag that will turn into the parasol cover in just a flash. The parasol is handmade by Tim Star.

Price: $350.00

A beautiful and colorful parasol is shown, then rolled into a newspaper.
6 silks are shown and placed into a bag, the bag suddenly changing into the parasol cover right in front of your eyes, and the silks are gone.
The parasol is withdrawn from the paper, and the cover is now gone! Instead, the silks are now hanging from each of the ribs of the parasol! A magical transformation has occurred!
The parasol comes with a special blendo bag, and no change bag is needed.

Rest assured this is a prop that will hold up show after show. Quality through-and-through as you would expect from Tim Star. Made high quality brass with a beautiful hardwood handle.

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