Magic Products

Master Chop-Cup
Lap Elevator
Card Levitator
Push Thru 2
Wild Bill
Match Light
Change Bag Deluxe
Parasol Illusion
Copper Lime Cup
Star Chop Cup
Goblet Chop Cup

Presto Bill
Fire Bowl
Pocket Size Fire Bowl
Magic Wands
Star Candles
Multiplying Candles
Duck Pan
Star Pan FTD
Specialty Magic
Coming Soon




Coming Soon


We will be add new products as we go.

We are also soon coming out with the web site in Swedish.
(Web sidan helt på Svenska kommer snart.)

Video clips will soon be added to the products.

I wish we could get it all done at the same time but we have to take one thing at the time.

If you have any requests or something you like to see please do not hesitate to contact us.