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The magician shows a cup and a ball. A game is played where the magician places the ball in the cup, shakes it around, places the ball in his pocket and the cup upside down on the table and asks the spectator, “ where is the ball? Is it in my pocket or under the cup?” The spectator will respond, “It is in the pocket ”. And of course, since the game is being played with a magician the ball is not in the pocket but under the cup.  This game continues back and forth with the ball never being where the spectator expects it to be.
Now the magician stops and lets the spectator put the ball in the cup and trying to do the same thing by putting the ball in his pocket, but the ball will not jump back under the cup. But when the Magician takes the cup the game is on again, until finally, 2 large balls or fruits are produced from under the cup. This effect is a lot of fun for both the magician and the spectators and I am sure it will be one of your favorite tricks.

This is a one of a kind Chop Cup.
There has only been one of these cups made and it is shown in this picture. When it is sold there will not be any others made. When I make a new cup sometime I make the first cup a little special, like this one, but it would not be practical or profitable to produce this cup due to all the extra design work. The bubbles in the cup are pressed from the inside. Made in solid copper. This cup is made with the same system as the Star Master Chop Cup which means the cup and the ball can be examined any time, and you can stop in the middle of the routine to let the spectator handle the cup and of course then it will not work but as soon as you get the cup back you can continue your Chop Cup routine. It is a Chop Cup When YOU want it to be.
Comes with 2 of the new T Balls. carrying bag and instructions.

Remember this is one of a kind cup and no more will be made.